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Commercial (2021)

Commercial (2021)

Production Company: Epic Tech Media
Director: Ally Adams

Sony FS5 // Samyang UMC

As The Richmond Theatre reopened in late 2021, following closure due to COVID-19, we were engaged to produce a series of promotional content for the theatre’s social media to show the theatre being prepared for reopening and all the work that is going on behind the scenes to make it happen!

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ash on many projects, and he always proves to be an invaluable and key senior crew member. His creative skill, combined with outstanding technical expertise, means we can rely on consistently high quality and engaging imagery that we use across our videos. He also has excellent client facing skills (this can be hard to come by in DPs!).


Ash has always given me invaluable support in the pre production phases as well, helping to ensure the right equipment is selected for the project/ location. This is reflected in his overall approach to any project as well, whilst I’ve found Ash is always conscious of his role, he is always mindful of the rest of the production, and all the other aspects of planning that need to be considered.

As a director, I’ve also found one of Ash’s key abilities is to take my (sometimes poorly articulated!) guidance on the look and feel I am trying to create, and translate it into the frame. So to summarise, highly skilled, creative and an all round invaluable resource for our projects, and for this reason he is my go to DP,  I can highly recommend Ash!

Ally Adams: Director, EpicTech Media.

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