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Short Film (2023)

Production Company: Middle Realm Productions
Director: Daniel Arbon
Producer: Charlotte Ellen

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2// Pocket Cinema 6K, Canon FD Vintage Lenses.

DOP // Colourist

Hawker Film

Independent Short Film ,Captain Lanoe Hawker is a British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps during the first years of WW1. The aviators’ duties are observation and reconnaissance, an ongoing mission that puts them over German lines and into regular contact with enemy aircraft. When the Germans start to mount machine-guns on the rear of their two-seater planes, the situation gets perilous for the unarmed British.

With forward firing machine guns still only in development, Hawker refuses to let the Germans achieve air supremacy. With his innovative and pioneering drive, he has managed to mount a Lewis machine gun to the side of his new Bristol Scout. He just needs to prove it can work and convince his superiors that there is a new task in military aviation, the role of the Fighter Pilot!

As he achieves his goal, the first German aircraft fall from the sky in a ball of flames. Visiting the crash site at night, through the mud of the trenches and shell holes, Hawker finds the Iron Cross once worn by his fallen adversary. In this moment he is faced with the brutal reality of the new fate that awaits so many Airmen to come, and a faint premonition of his own fall. Faced with this new inevitably, he must find the reason and courage to continue.

"Ash was a fantastic Director of Photography for our short film “White Feather”. I had met him on set a year previously and was impressed with his attitude and dedication to his craft.


He did not disappoint in his role on my film. Very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The quality of his work exceeded what I had hoped for and he will be my first choice for future projects.

Daniel Arbon: Director, Middle Realm Productions Ltd.

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