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Commercial (2020)

Production Company: Drakon FX
Director: Ethan Frain

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K // Sigma DX

DOP // Colourist

Commercial for a CNC manufacturing Company.

Winner of  "Best Promotionial Video" MarCom Awards 2020

“Ash is my go to DOP, he is able to make anything look great! After working with him on multiple projects across vastly different genres.


I can comfortably say that he will always be my DOP any shoot I have and I cant reccomend him enough!

Ethan Frain: Director, Drakon FX.

Evolution Precision_1.4.1.png
Evolution Precision_1.14.1.png
Evolution Precision_1.10.1.png
Evolution Precision_1.5.1.png
Evolution Precision_1.2.1.png
Evolution Precision_1.12.1.png
Evolution Precision_1.9.1.png
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