Brave Scene: Be Human

Commercial Spots 2020

Production Company

Firewood Pictures


Lucy Alder


Oli Fitzgibbon


Kinefinity Mavo LF/ Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic

Project Description

Social Media Spots for Mentoring and training organisation Brave Scene.

Ash is an awesome Director of Photography and a brilliant addition to any set. I worked with Ash on a series of commercials in December 2019. From the first meeting, it was clear that he was professional, hardworking and ready to tackle any challenge we threw his way.

We had a very tight schedule, so it was fantastic to work with someone who remained so positive and kept a cool head under pressure. Ash is a great collaborator with extensive technical knowledge. I am delighted with how the project has turned out. I highly recommend Ash; he truly lights up any set he sets foot on (no pun intended)!

Lucy Alder: Freelance Director.