Ash Connaughton is a Cinematographer Based in Birmingham UK, who works on Films/ Dramas, Commercials and Music videos. Aswell as Doumentary, TV and Branded content, working for clients such as The BBC, Warner Brothers and M&C Saatchi.  He has shot award winning pieces such as the short neo noir "Io Selezinero" , Feature Documentary "Tax Shelter Terrors" and Feature Film "Hello Darlin".

Ash's passion lies in drama and telling stories visually while reaching out and connecting with the audience. While Ash enjoys the Technical side of Filmmaking and Cinematography he also has a deep theoretical understanding of Framing and composition as well as lighting. 


Ash's unique visual style combined with a narrative and character focused approach and a hard working, positive and approachable attitude lead to beautiful imagery that ultimately serves and drives the narrative of each project he undertakes and keeping sets both functional and fun places to be, whether it be drama, commercial or otherwise.


Ash studied Media as a broad subject for 6 years, mostly focusing on Film and Television, giving him a wealth of varied experience while earning his BA honours Degree (2 :1) and other qualifications.

Ash also offers his services as a Gaffer and Colourist. 



"Best Cinematography"

Io Selezinero, 

Spectacul: Rio de Janeiro 2016.

"Director's Choice Award" 

Tax Shelter Terrors 2017"

Sydney's Night of Horror festival . 

"Best Film"

Hello Darlin.

Birmingham Film festival 2019.


"Best Cinematography"

Hello Darlin'

European Cinematography Awards 2020.

"Best Micro Short film"

Tom, Dick & Harry, Chrismas special.

Birmingham Film Festival 2019.

"Best Feature Film"

"Best Local Film"

"Best Actor"

Hello Darlin'

Birmingham Film Festival 2019.


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ash on a commercial project. Right from the off, his craftsmanship and collaborative nature were obvious. We met up to chat through the concept and the kind of thing I was hoping to achieve. Ash was quick to offer suggestions and solutions to problems I was anticipating with the way the film would need to come together...


On the shoot day, Ash was punctucal, professional, and most importantly just lovely to work with. I was really happy with the image, and because of the extensive work he’d put in before the shoot day he confidently managed his team and got set up really efficiently. The commercial we were shooting had some incredibly personal and vulnerable performances from the talent, and Ash was very respectful at all times, and helped foster an atmosphere that was conducive to getting great performances, and making the whole cast comfortable.


I’d strongly recommend working with Ash - he’s a lovely guy, and his work is top notch. His commitment, attitude and extensive technical knowledge would make him an incredibly valuable asset to any production.

Will Dolan, Director, Firewood Pictures.

"Ash Connaughton is the consummate professional. Not only is his work of a very high standard but his attitude on set is only comparable to his knowledge. I have worked with Ash on a number of occasions and have always found him to give 100%. He works well with other heads of department and is good at working to schedule. In pre-production he offers solutions to problems before they have even been mentioned and is always ready to accept alternative suggestions. I wouldn't hesitate to put Ash forward to any production."

Benjamin Field, Director/Producer, Holo Media.

For confirmation or for further details please contact benjamin.field@holomedia.co.uk

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ash on many projects, and he always proves to be an invaluable and key senior crew member. His creative skill, combined with outstanding technical expertise, means we can rely on consistently high quality and engaging imagery that we use across our videos. He also has excellent client facing skills (this can be hard to come by in DPs!).


Ash has always given me invaluable support in the pre production phases as well, helping to ensure the right equipment is selected for the project/ location.

This is reflected in his overall approach to any project as well, whilst I’ve found Ash is always conscious of his role, he is always mindful of the rest of the production, and all the other aspects of planning that need to be considered. As a director, I’ve also found one of Ash’s key abilities is to take my (sometimes poorly articulated!) guidance on the look and feel I am trying to create, and translate it into the frame. So to summarise, highly skilled, creative and an all round invaluable resource for our projects, and for this reason he is my go to DP,

I can highly recommend Ash!

Ally Adams, Director, EpicTech Media.

"Ash was a fantastic Director of Photography for our short film “White Feather”. I had met him on set a year previously and was impressed with his attitude and dedication to his craft. He did not disappoint in his role on my film. Very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The quality of his work exceeded what I had hoped for and he will be my first choice for future projects. (He is also the highlight of my facebook feed!)"


Daniel Arbon – Director, Middle Realm Productions Ltd.

When I first met with Ash, I knew he was going to be the right DP for my short film. He understood what I was trying to achieve with the script and was already making suggestions on scenes.


On set, Ash is on the ball and keeps the camera department under control and on task. He ensures everything is set up and packed away safely. He makes sure that the shot list is 100% what I’m after for the scene and keeps the shoot within the time allocated. If we finish with time to spare, there are shots that he suggests we can film as extra options. Not only has Ash been a great DP, but he is like an AD and a line producer rolled into one. He is an absolute professional and I’d love to work with him on more projects if I get the chance.

Rebbeca Harris-Smith, Director: "Out of Time"

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